Central Heating & Gas

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Whichever central heating or gas service you choose from MPHS, please be assured that our engineers are fully trained to respect the environment they work within. They will therefore maintain a clean and tidy approach to all aspects of their work, leaving you with minimum mess and disruption.

Millhouses Plumbing & Heating Services are Gold Worcester Accredited Installers.


Boiler Exchanges

If your old boiler is coming to the end of its useful life, talk to MPHS about our fast, efficient boiler exhange service. You could have a Worcester Bosch, energy efficient boiler fitted into your home in no time at all, saving you considerable money on your heating bills. Incidentally, MPHS’s boiler exchange service includes a complete power flush of your radiator system, ensuring maximum efficiency for your home! And if you have a magnetic filter fitted to your system at the same time as your new Worcester boiler is installed, your guarantee will be extended by an additional 12 months. Please call us on 07887 850588 to find out more about the advantages of installing a magnetic filter to your central heating system.

Call MPHS now, on 0114 289 1817 to ask about a Boiler Exchange for your home!

System Upgrades

With ever increasing energy prices, system upgrades encompassing thermastatic control and zoning features are fast becoming a cost effective means to maintain lower heating bills. Why not give MPHS a call and ask about our Central Heating System Upgrades which include:

  • A new Worcester Bosch boiler.
  • New radiators.
  • New thermastatic heating controls and zoining features.
  • New pipework.
  • In addition, all our work comes with a 5 year, parts and labour warranty!

To find out about a system upgrade for your home, call MPHS now on 0114 289 1817.



Whether you have a gas fire, gas boiler, gas cooker or hob, it is imperative that these items are serviced regularly. Not only will this ensure that they are running at optimum efficiency, but it will also give you peace of mind that they are running safely within your home. So if you have a gas appliance that is due a service, just give MPHS a call on 0114 236 4719. As Gas Safe Register* engineers, we are fully qualified and insured to carry out all servicing and repair tasks on gas equipment.

For your servicing requirements, call MPHS now on 0114 289 1817

Power Flushing

Over the years, a great deal of sludge (technically called magnatite) collects up in your heating system. This sludge slows the flow of the water in your radiators which then forces your system to use more energy to pump it around. At MPHS, we can effectively power flush your system using the latest magnaclean technology. This will effectively restore the heating efficiency of your radiators and enable you to make some serious savings on your heating bills. You can further enhance your power flush and improve the efficiency of your system by having a magnetic filter fitted to your system at the same time as having a power flush. Please ask us for more details.

Our Gas & Central Heating Solutions Include:

  • Central heating boiler exchanges
  • Central heating system upgrades
  • Central heating servicing
  • Power flushing your central heating system
  • Magnetic Filter Service
  • Boiler repairs
  • Central heating boiler replacements

To find out about power flushing your central heating system, call MPHS now on 0114 289 1817.